A fascination with everyday objects and a love of craftsmanship gave rise to the atelier niklaus & laurentino in Geneva in 2014. Guided by our values, our aim is to promote local materials and know-how using our creative talents. We produce small series for customers who share our values – that is a harmonious combination of form, function and materials.



In the image of Switzerland itself, the atelier niklaus & laurentino is heir to several influences. Niklaus, the engineer and Laurentino, the designer – this almost iconic combination of northern alpine rigour with southern creativity – is the driving force for our work. Living in Switzerland, we are influenced by one of the country’s most celebrated features: its mountains and lakes. Our designs are inspired by the landscape and we strive to express that ambience in our designs and their functionality.


Nicolas Laurent Boulé began his career as an engineer in 2001, through practical application of his research on materials. Very quickly he joined the research and development sector of the watch-making industry. Convinced that a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal from the technical design stage could create a special type of product, he supplemented his training with a Diploma in Industrial Design. For Nicolas this was a revelation, inspiring him to found the atelier niklaus & laurentino. The name pays homage to his two first names, representing the two sides of his personality.