Design days

From the 28th of September to the 1st of October, the atelier niklaus & laurentino will be exhibiting at the Sicli pavilion during the Design Days 2017 in Geneva. Come to discover the W lamp, nominated for Piguet Galland design award.

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The atelier niklaus & laurentino updated this light in a 1920 house. The soul is preserved while the space is modernized with the "L" lamp, which finds a special place here. Lamp "L" is made in Geneva, by hand in beech that comes from our forests.



Strolling through the forest, our thoughts wander and frequently give rise to reflection provided we take the time to observe our surroundings. Everything is present in nature. From the geometric order governing the arrangement of spines on a twig to the chaos of the mountains - on every scale nature displays its architectural treasures.


Paul Klee Centre

Although the passion behind the atelier niklaus & laurentino was forged over the years, frequently passions are awakened during childhood. Some gifted teachers arouse an interest in children which then lasts a lifetime.



There is an extraordinary place in Geneva providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration. MAMCO (museum of modern and contemporary art) is one of those places where time passes all too quickly. A unique site, located in the former physics instrumentation company (SIP) factory at the very heart of Geneva, the industrial architecture has been recycled as an optimum background for the mostly contemporary artworks.