There is an extraordinary place in Geneva providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration. MAMCO (museum of modern and contemporary art) is one of those places where time passes all too quickly. A unique site, located in the former physics instrumentation company (SIP) factory at the very heart of Geneva, the industrial architecture has been recycled as an optimum background for the mostly contemporary artworks. Today we spent time focussing on the works of Bernd and Hilla Bescher. For the atelier niklaus & laurentino, nature is a great source of inspiration. Whereas at first sight the industrial installations immortalised by this pair of German photographers seem far removed from the natural world, their series entitled ‘Blast Furnaces’ was a great source of inspiration. The sequencing of the shots displays their beauty. This series of apparently identical photographs stimulates observers to exploit their own imagination.

MAMCO is also a great place to bring children. On Wednesdays at 3.15 pm and on the first Sunday of the month at 11.15 am, there is a special children’s tour, with an entertaining initiation into the world of art through the analysis of various artworks.