Paul Klee Centre

Although the passion behind the atelier niklaus & laurentino was forged over the years, frequently passions are awakened during childhood. Some gifted teachers arouse an interest in children which then lasts a lifetime. The Paul Klee Centre in Berne has dedicated a whole section of the building – designed by the architect Renzo Piano – to children. They can attend workshops introducing them to the works of this artist, born in Switzerland, whose life is traced through the ‘Klee in Berne’ exhibition. A great observer of nature, and a teacher at the Bauhaus, the artist’s drawings sometimes reveal a scientific side to his nature – a duality which we too are cultivating on a modest level in the atelier niklaus & laurentino.

The Paul Klee Centre has another advantage: alongside the main building is the Schöngrün restaurant. This was the surprise of our visit. The friendly welcome – also extended to children – the excellent food and faultless service make a return visit inevitable.